The name "Netsphere" comes from a story called "Blame!" (one of my favorite mangas). In this story, "Netsphere" refers to a hyper-evolved version of the internet.
Humans in this story could interact with the Netsphere and create anything they imagined in the real world from a digital template. They could build entire cities and fix all the problems in the world through the Netsphere.

Similar to having access to the "Netsphere" in this story, the possibilities and opportunities present to us in the real world in this digital era are limitless.

We wanted to create an environment around this idea. An environment where all brilliant minds have access to all of the worlds information to build a better future. Where one can get guidance on alternative paths made for builders and creators by builders and creators. Where one can share ideas, get inspired, and learn, without having to risk financial ruin through traditional higher level education.

With this in mind, Netsphere was born!