Ultimate Shopify Brand Starter Kit

Welcome to the Ultimate Shopify Brand Starter Kit.

Follow these tutorials to learn how to utilize the kit. You will learn things like:

  • How to customize your store to fit your needs.
  • Basic design principles that will help you in your brand building journey
  • How to utilize artificial intelligence to reduce your workload and use resources effectively when hiring.
  • How to find manufacturers for your ideas.
  • How to set up data tracking to capitalize on each website visitor.
  • How to create an organic content strategy for your brand.
  • How to set up machine learning ads to grow your brand.


Video 1 here (5-10 mins): Customizing store + design principles



Video 2 here (10-15 mins): ChatGPT tutorial



Video 3 here (5-10 mins): Alibaba tutorial + 3rd party fulfillment



Video 4 here (5-10 mins): Pixel and analytics set up

Video 5 here (5-10 mins): Organic strategy set up

Video 6 here (10-20 mins): Facebook & TikTok ads set up