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By Akemi Lab

Akemi Research Lab Enrollment

Akemi Research Lab Enrollment

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The best place to learn, grow, and meet likeminded ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Leverage this group to surround yourself with the right environment, not just learn.

What is it?

The Akemi Lab is an exclusive section within the Akemi discord for the intermediate and advanced entrepreneur.

We discuss ecommerce, AI,  digital marketing, design, business research, strategies and more. Enrollment gets you lifetime access. Once a member, always a member!

Who is it for?

The Akemi Lab hosts members in the millions of revenue, as well as people with 6 figure businesses or less. We welcome everyone.

What you get:

+ Biweekly mastermind calls ($500 value per call)

+ Weekly Market and Ad intelligence from top softwares ($997 per year value)

+ A community of smart eCommerce entrepreneurs and investors ($50 per month value)

+ Our Shopify Brand Starter Kit for FREE ($50 value)

+ Exclusive networking opportunities ($2,997 value)

+ 24/7 Chat community

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